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X32 Waves 30+L/R Scene File


***The X/M32 needs to be running on firmware version 4.00 or higher to utilize the User Routing Blocks.***

This is a .scn file setup that is initialized with only the routing set. The routing is set for an X32 with routing to and from the expansion card for the following setup: 32 channels with channels 1-30 routed to Waves as inserts, channel 31 + 32 routed without Waves inserts but still usable from channel 31+32 on the mixer preamps or stage racks, and the Main Left Right bus getting an insert from Waves as well.

There is a .scn file for use with a 32 channel stage rack and a .scn file without a stage rack using the mixers preamps instead.

You can open these scenes and make your own new scene file or save a routing preset to the mixers library and recall the routing to scenes you already have.



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