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Welcome to Survive The Gig. The purpose of the blog is to put together articles on topics I have not seen online before relating to Live Sound Reinforcement. There are already some excellent blogs online with good information, but the intention of this blog is to have a unique focus. The idea is to compile resources on topics I have not seen before along with topics that I’m sure have been covered by others, but to hopefully organize it all in a systematic way that makes sense, while remaining accessible for people just starting out in live sound reinforcement.

I plan on having a heavy focus on console training since the prevalence of digital consoles gives us options that were previously unavailable on even top of the line analog consoles in the recent past. Many of the blogs online seem to focus on House of Worship or Corporate events, which are more controlled environments than I usually find myself in. Mixing mostly live music one-offs gives a different perspective and requires a lot of flexibility and being able to get results quickly. Building a systematic approach to show prep can help save time and keep your sanity and maybe, just maybe we can Survive The Gig.

The website is designed to be as mobile/tablet friendly as possible so it can still be referenced on those platforms, especially on a gig where it might need to be accessed from a phone.

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Survive The Gig