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WING Firmware Version 1.01

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Photo Courtesy of Music Tribe IP Ltd

Firmware Version 1.01 fixes bugs and adds features that should have been included from the release. Nothing too surprising, but added functionality that you would already expect in a console.

Firmware 1.0 Improvements

  • USB drive for Library functions, storing and loading snapshots
  • New Effects GUI “Voice Doubler”, “MoodFilter”, “Tape Machine”, guitar amps “MusicHall”, “Jazz Clean”, Rock Amp “Angel”, US Combo Amp “Deluxe”
  • subdirectory support for library (snapshots and presets)
  • channel/fx/routing library scores are now recalled/saved
  • several gui issues fixed, gui enhancements
  • front panel usb support for library operations, (only remove USB drive when led is off!)
  • UTILITY button also opens tools when available (e.g. channel copy)
  • Toolbox refined (using library scopes)
  • Channel edit section parameter selection issues fixed
  • Solo-in-place muting issue fixed
  • 0 dB position snap for GEQ
  • RTA on channel home page (independent settings from EQ page)

See the post below for instructions on how to update the WING Firmware

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