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WING Firmware Version 1.03 “Co-Pilot”

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The WING Firmware Version 1.02 was a minor update and 1.03 inludes some nice added features that user’s will look forward to trying out. Some of the updates are for things that should have been included, like assigning Mute Groups from the Surface, while others, like the addition of a new TC Electronic Reverb are the kind of features you look forward to trying out. Behringer was great about adding features to the X32 long after release date and hopefully they will continue to update the X32 and the WING in a similar way. IF that is the case we can look forward to useful features being added for years to come.

Version 1.03 is Named “Co-Pilot” and supports both the Behringer Co-Pilot App and Mixingstation.

***NEW PLUGIN ALERT*** the TC Electronic VSS3 Reverb with plenty of presets and parameters to experiment with.

Version 1.03 also includes support for the Midas DL251, DL15x, and DL231.

WING Firmware Version 1.02/1.03 Release Notes:

Firmware 1.02 Important Notes

  1. The version 1.02 includes new firmware for the fader boards and an update for the WING LIVE SD recording card, which unlocks exciting new features. Please wait until all boards are updated. Do not switch off during the update.
  2. Reacting on user feedback and for consistency with X32, we have changed the EQ Bandwidth parameter to Q. Hence, existing snapshots will be automatically converted on first load. To make this work properly, please:
    a. Select the Snapshot
    b. make sure all SAFES are inactive
    c. make sure to load the old Snapshot with scope set to ‘ALL’ d. save/overwrite snapshot after successful load

New Features

  • TC Electronic VSS3 Reverb, from award-winning System 6000, with new Preset-Function – the true Stereo Source Reverb behind thousands of movie and audio productions
  • Stereo/4-Channel 24-Bit Recorder/Player for all FAT32 formatted USB sticks
  • Channel alignment delay increased to max. 8 m (23.3 ms)
  • WING Copilot app and Mixingstation app support, incl. UDP metering and console discovery
  • New FX mix control (dry/wet)
  • Filter adjustment range increased, LC up to 2 kHz, HC down to 50 Hz
  • SD Recording with 64-Channel sample synchronous link for WING LIVE
  • MUTE GROUP assignments via surface
    (hold MUTE GROUPS and one of the 8 MUTE buttons, while selecting channels)
    MUTE buttons flash when respective mute group is active
  • Console Init with scope selection
  • EQ bandwidth parameter changed to Q
  • TREMOLO auto gain correction
  • Option to copy the FX name to its channel/bus
  • EXT FX bypass time alignment and send trim
  • Suboctaver FX Mix control added
  • MIDAS I/O Box support (DL251, DL15x, DL231)
  • TAP function on custom controls
    (UTILITY button on custom controls page allows to adjust flashing behavior)
  • 4 GPIO ports can be configured on the custom controls page, offering outputs or inputs for many different parameters
  • Startup-screen shows update status of fader boards, card, etc.
  • Fader speeds can be selected for Fast/Medium/Slow
    (UTILITY on fader assign page)
  • Solo-In-Place extended to buses
  • Snapshot scopes enhanced
  • Pure JSON for all snapshot-parameters
  1. Improvements 1.02:
    • TCP stack connection issues fixed
    • Several GUI glitches fixed
    • Main 3/4 send into Matrix 8 issue fixed
    • Channel strip solo button light fixed
    • RTC drift (too fast) fixed
    • IP stack TCP bug fixed
    • User controls crash fixed
  2. Improvements 1.03:
    • Improved error handling with unsupported USB FS
    • FX VSS3 editing UI glitch fixed
    • Custom Controls LED backlight glitch fixed

See the post below for instructions on how to update the WING Firmware

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