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WING Firmware Version 1.06 “Metering”

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WING Firmware Version 1.06 was a more significant update compared to version 1.04 and 1.05.

***NEW PLUGIN ALERT***Dynamic EQ – Located in the gate plugin slot.

Firmware 1.06 New Features

  • Metering on all routing pages indicate raw input signals
  • Bus to bus mixing (all buses can send into buses 1..8)
  • Delay for main buses
  • Pre/post selection for bus to bus and bus/main to matrix sends
  • FX parameters can now be assigned to faders
  • Dynamic EQ for the gate plugin slot
  • Compressor ‘all’ switch (gui) for 76 limiter amp
  • GPIO control can be assigned to custom control buttons directly
  • Talkback can be controlled by custom controls (and GPIO)
  • RTA metering on GEQ FX
  • Console lock function holding the HOME button depressed
  • Source assignment/mode switch and phantom control on channel HOME page
  • Channel delay moved to post fader
  • Improved customization copy during source assignment (drag)
  • USB player with song list, re-ordering and repeat functions
  • Up to 4-ch USB play and record at the same time (with fast usb drives)
  • USB transport buttons in custom control section
  • New routing page to assign sources to channels
  • Firmware update from usb drive via setup menu

New Features

  • Increased usb drive compatibility
  • Random sends on fader bug fixed (faders not moving)
  • Increased stability of the usb player/recorder
  • General gui/workflow bugfixes and enhancements

See the post below for instructions on how to update the WING Firmware

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