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WING Firmware Version 1.07 “DAW Control” Release Notes

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***Firmware 1.08.1 has been released. Read about it here:

Firmware 1.07 “DAW Control” Highlights

See our article covering highlights of the new firmware with screenshots and explanations of major changes including the Setup/Menus here:

Release notes from Behringer

The console 1.07 firmware update offers many functional improvements and new features. The highlight of this Update is DAW remote control using the Mackie MCU/HUI protocol. Details on functionality and the setup in different DAWs can be found in a dedicated documentation. Beside many other improvements this update offers a wide range of features, like general MIDI-Support, 16 DCAs, improved functionality in the Custom Control Section and ALT-Source indication on the channel LCDs.

It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.

New Features

  • DAW remote control (MCU/HUI), up to 24 faders via USB (additional documentation available)
  • General MIDI-Support (additional documentation available)
  • Sidechain option for dynamic EQ (without sidechain filter) and dynamic plug-ins in gate slot
  • New SETUP pages
  • WING-Live transport buttons and user controls
  • Jog-Wheel support for the USB player
  • Automatic TAG rename option for MUTE groups and DCAs
  • ALT-Source indication on channel LCDs
  • Source indication option on channel LCDs
  • Option to enable/disable touch select on channel edit section
  • Option to AUTO-Select channel by fader move
  • 16 DCAs
  • Configurable Source and Tap-Point for the Main Level Meter (next to the display)
  • Audio MUTE and Phantom OFF when using the shutdown function
  • Screenshot-Function (To use it, insert a USB stick containing a folder called “screens” or create the folder in the LIBRARY/USB section if required. Holding CLR SOLO and pressing UTILITY creates bmp-Files in the respective folder)


  • Automix = OFF doesn’t MUTE audio anymore
  • IP stack fixed for gateway usage Version 1.07.1:

• Automatic initialization of DCAs 9-16

Version 1.07.2:

• Ignore invalid CC-Messages to improve stability

See our article covering highlights of the new firmware version here:

Download Firmware

Download the firmware from Behringer’s website here:

Update Firmware

This is the first firmware update that can be made from a USB drive loaded in the top of the mixer. If you have a firmware lower than 1.06 you will need to us the WING’s OS Access mode. See our article and video on how to do this here:

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