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WING Firmware Version 1.08.1 “Summer Update”

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There is a new firmware version 1.09 available now, see the article about it here:

WING Firmware 1.08.1 – My Take:

There are some minor improvements to the mixer that are welcome, but the most obvious upgrades are the five added plugins. I am most interested in the PSE (and how that can help with speech) and Multiband Comp, but all of the added plugins look like they could be useful. Hopefully Behringer continues with the improvements as well as the new features, but so far it seems like they are committed to feature improvements and adding new processors.

Release notes from Behringer

The console 1.08.1 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. The highlight of this update are some new FX’s including the long-awaited Multiband-Compressor. Beside OSC and MIDI-Sysex Control Firmware 1.08.1 offers a new SETUP-Option for Mute-Override and many other improvements.

New Features

New FX:

C5-COMBINATOR (Multiband-Compressor)

The C5 is a five band multiband compressor. Multiband compressors give you the ability to compress one or more frequency bands independent of each other. It can be useful on an individual channel or a bus. You can set the width of the band to be very narrow to control a problem frequency. You can also use a multiband compressor to control the low end of an instrument or bus without compressing the rest of the frequency spectrum.

PITCH FIX (Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction)

The Pitch Fix is a simplified chromatic pitch correction tool.

PSE Source Extractor (available in Gate-Slot)

The PSE is an intelligent expanding processor that looks like it is based on the Neve 5045. Operators that use the Neve 5045 (or the plugin version on the Yamaha CL/QL) or Waves PSE plugin will know how handy this processor can be and the WING having it available in the gate slot of every channel is a welcome addition. This processor is especially helpful with Lav or Headset Mics to help get more gain before feedback.

The controls seem similar to the Neve but with simpler time controls. On the Neve you set the threshold so that the “active light” is lit when your signal is present. The time setting seems to just be fast or not-fast and that is the time it takes to activate after the source drops off. The depth setting sets how much reduction takes place when your source is not present.

BLUE PLATE (Plate Reverb)

The Blue Plate Reverb looks like it is based on a Lexicon PCM reverb.

BODYREZ (TC Acoustic Pickup Enhancer)

The TC Electronic BodyRez is a stompbox processor for acoustic guitar that is designed to process acoustic guitars using built-in pickups. It seems to EQ the signal and is also supposed to help reduce feedback causing resonances coming from the guitar.

Other New Features:

Metering page can be shown when console is locked

SETUP-Option for Mute-Override
(Channels muted by MGRP, DCA or SIP can temporarily be unmuted)

Other Updates:

  • OSC Support (Port 2223)
  • MIDI SysEx control
  • Support for upcoming Wing-Dante Expansion-Card
  • PFL DIM control (reduces solo level when using PFL solo)
  • Shortcut to audio and clock setup pages when touching the respective areas in the top status area
  • Option to use GPIOs as momentary switch outputs


  • COPY/INIT toolbox preselect
  • Bus-to-Bus and Bus-to-MTX pre switch and pre mute (fixed)
  • Pressing SELECT-Button on channel overview screen shows corresponding channel bank
  • HUI metering fixed (for Adobe Audition)

General bug fixes Version 1.08.1:

• Ignore sporadic MIDI messages from Mac OS Catalina during startup

Download Firmware

Download the firmware from Behringer’s website here:

Update Firmware

Since firmware update 1.07, firmware can be updated from a USB drive loaded in the top of the mixer. If you have a firmware lower than 1.07 you will need to us the WING’s OS Access mode. See our article and video on how to do this here:

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