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WING Firmware Version 1.11

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***There is a new Firmware version available. Read about WING Firmware 1.12.6 here or continue reading about WING Firmware 1.11 below the link:

WING Firmware Version 1.12.6 – Mousetrap (Current Version)

WING Firmware 1.11 – My Take:

Firmware Version 1.11 has three new effects/pluginsSpeaker Manager with Multiple Filter types, Dynamic EQ, and Limiter), Velvet Imager FX (Stereo-Enhancer) and Triple Dynamic EQ ( a three-band dynamic EQ.) I can imagine the Speaker Manager being handy for sound reinforcement jobs where you do not have an external processor for the PA, which seems to be more and more common with the proliferation of powered speakers. The three band dynamic EQ is promising as well since the single band dynamic eq available on the channels, while useful, is so limited. A three band dynamic EQ can be a very power tool for sculpting dynamic sources, especially vocals.

Release notes from Behringer

Version 1.11 – (15 April 2021)

The console 1.11 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. Besides new Effects and new Talk, Solo and Listen functions this update also offers the option to send Midi-CC from Custom Controls and Fader Banks

It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.

This new WING Firmware version contains:

New Effects/Plugins:

Speaker Manager (Multiple Filter types + Dynamic EQ + Limiter)

Speaker Manager Filters:

Speaker Manager Dynamic EQ:

Speaker Manager Limiter:

Velvet Imager FX (Stereo-Enhancer)

Triple Dynamic EQ

New Features

  • Option to send MIDI CC with Custom Controls and Faders
  • Show gain reduction on monitor limiter meter
  • Global Main/Alt overview + Auto switch page
  • Option to send channel to both SOLO buses in livemode
  • Source-Solo via Listen Channel (CH39 or AUX 7) (SRC SOLO on routing page auto-routes selected source to Listen Channel)
  • Talkback Improvements:
    • Talkback indication (frame on selected channel and during talk)
    • Automatically open talk destination page when pressing SOLO on talk channel
    • New TALK TAGSs to allow soloing or unmuting channels during talk
  • Auto-Customization for Listen- and TB-Channel
  • Support for future Waves Soundgrid Module
  • Buses removed from SIP logic

Bug Fixes

  • Pitch correction fix could lead to fx processor reinitialization
  • IP fragmentation fix for long OSC packets
  • Fix for very rare USB audio startup issues

Download Firmware

Download the firmware from Behringer’s website here:

Update Firmware

Since firmware update 1.07, firmware can be updated from a USB drive loaded in the top of the mixer. If you have a firmware version lower than 1.07 you will need to us the WING’s OS Access mode. See our article and video on how to do this here:

1 thought on “WING Firmware Version 1.11”

  1. Hi
    Before downloading this firmware update I had my RTA in view at the bottom of the screen when EQ selected on channels , after download it,s gone , what do i need to do to re-instate ?

    Thanks ! Freddie.

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