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WING Firmware Version 1.12.6 – Mousetrap (Current Version)

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WING Firmware 1.11 – My Take:

Firmware Version 1.12.6 has two new channel dynamics processors the PIA2250 and LTA100, and has upgraded/added features to the aux channels including an expander/leveler plugin (a combined effect based on the Neve 5045 and LA2A) and effects section. There are five new “channel strip” plugins available as insert-able FX combining multiple plugins like gate/eq/compressor from Neve, SSL and “Vintage” (1176/Pultec EQ/LA2A) as well as a Bus themed channel (SSL Warmth/Neve84 EQ/SSL Bus comp) and a mastering themed channel (Tape Deck/Maag EQ/Enhancer/Precision Limiter). This gives the WING the ability to have more color and tonal shaping plugins inserted in addition to the precision digital processing of the channel EQ and Dynamics and is an interesting addition to the mixer.

Behringer has also added support for a USB Mouse to navigate the touch screen. Updates like the re-organized routing should make the mixer quicker to setup and troubleshoot and the improvements to the aux and effects sections increase the mixer’s flexibility.

Release notes from Behringer

Firmware Version 1.12.6 – (01 October 2021)

The console 1.12 firmware update offers some functional improvements, new effects and new features.

NOTE: the changes in this  firmware are supported with WING CoPilot mobile app version 1.9.

It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.

This new WING Firmware version contains:

New Processing/Effects

• all aux channels now using input channel EQ (6 Band and models)

• all aux channels feature new combo dynamics (expander/leveler) plugin

• new channel dynamics plugin PIA2250 (API 2500 based)

• new channel dynamics plugin LTA100 tube leveler (Summit Audio TLA-100A based)

• MIX control added to WARMTH plugin

• new FX selection sub page featuring the channel EQs and new Channel Strips.

5 new FX plugin Channel Strips: Even, Soul, Vintage, Bus, Mastering (seen in above image).

New Features

USB Mouse control allows full remote operation of the WING main screen

◊ Setup/General/Preference for switching touch control off, while USB mouse is in use*

Channel delay (input channels, post processing) increased to 500ms/150mtrs for AV applications

• Increased drive range for warmth plugin

• Improved indication of pre/post send taps

• Channel pan/width now post tap (8) to make send tap selection more consistent

• Additional info message when using post fader send tap

• Improved channel strip overview (including fader position/level)

• Source edit auto select improved when source solo is active

• Touch panel test with logfile

• Activate source solo with SOLO button in source solo channel

• Allow screenshots of popover pages (CLR_SOLO closes page on release)

Routing pages swapped to improve workflow for new users

• Configurable main link (off, 1/2, 1-3, 1-4)

• Autocorrect file/directory names that could lead to problems with some operating systems

• Help when setting DCA names (to control monitor levels)

• Bus/Main/Matrix EQ with speaker processor crossover filter types on lo/hi band

• Monitor source mix (add source signal to solo signal)

• EQ band solo trim preference for monitoring

• StageConnect indicator now also showing bus error state (off/green/red)

• Support for alternative DAC for aux outputs added

Bug Fixes

◊ DCA solo fixed for post panorama

• Fixed VPH icon not updated correctly

• Cleanup source solo routing entries on routing page

• Fixed mute override when in sends on fader mode

• Fixed pitch correction fx issue, note on/off switches now correctly stored

• Fixed static noise on mon B issue

• Update of the upper/lower aux eq band icons


Touch Control Lock can always be disengaged with press + hold on both buttons on the right side of the display,

i.e. CLR SOLO and the black button, if you need to get control back.

For engaging the Touch Control Lock independent of the mouse preference, please press + hold CLR SOLO, SETUP and the black button until the little cross icon in the top middle section is displayed.

Download Firmware

Download the firmware from Behringer’s website here:

Update Firmware

Since firmware update 1.07, firmware can be updated from a USB drive loaded in the top of the mixer. If you have a firmware version lower than 1.07 you will need to us the WING’s OS Access mode. See our article and video on how to do this here:

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