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WING: How to Update Firmware using WING OS Access Mode

This is a walk-through of updating the firmware on the Behringer WING using the console’s OS mode, which is the only way to update the firmware on a console with a version lower than 1.06. Once the console has firmware version 1.06 or higher you can update using this method or via the USB flash drive like on the X32.

  1. Go to Behringer’s WING Download site:|en)

2. Scroll Down to the current WING Firmware and Download it.

click here to download firmware

3. Agree to the Licensing Agreement and Hit Download

4. Unzip the download and you will have the Firmware File and Release Notes

5. Connect your computer to the mixer via the USB port shown below.

6. On the Mixer go to:

A. Setup Screen (Green)

B. Select Global Edit (red)

C. Select OS Access Mode (Blue) The icon will invert the from dark to light.

7. This will load the WING OS as a disk on your computer.

8. To load the firmware follow these steps:

A. Open the WING OS disk and create a folder called Old Firmware (this is where you can store old firmware in case you need to roll-back).

B. Drag the current firmware on the WING OS disk into the Old Firmware folder. (Green Arrow)

C. Then open the download file and drag the NEW FIRMWARE into the WING OS disk (Keep it in the root, not the Old Firmware folder).

D. When the firmware is done copying eject the WING OS disk.

9. Select Shutdown and power cycle the mixer after it tells you it is safe to shutdown.

10. When the mixer reboots it will load the new fimware as shown below. It shouldn’t take very long.

You can update later firmware following these instructions, or starting with firmware version 1.6 there is an option from the setup screen to load a new firmware from a USB flash drive mounted in the USB recorder.

See articles below about the different features in the firmware updates:

1 thought on “WING: How to Update Firmware using WING OS Access Mode”

  1. @ciccio7239
    1 secondo fa
    I’m afraid that I mistakenly deleted the firmware on the stick, because I stupidly thought that it had an operating system installed inside it and that once installed the file could be deleted
    Now when I turn it on everything is dead, turned off
    But if I activate Las Vegas mode, everything turns on as it should
    Is there a way to restore it?
    I downloaded the latest firmware 1.13.9, inserted into the OS section key, but when turned on nothing changes
    I tried sending a ticket via the Behringer website, but it keeps giving me an error and telling me to try again
    I no longer know what to do
    Hopefully you can help me
    Thank you

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