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WING: Multitrack Recording, Playback, and Virtual Soundcheck

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For this walkthrough we are going through the steps to setup the Behringer WING for multitrack recording and playback/mixing to an external computer via the WING’s built-in USB interface. This is one way to run virtual soundcheck, or just record individual tracks to mix at a later date.

Go to the setup screen. Select USB/Card Config.

Choose the channel count you want to use.

Go to the routing screen (red arrow). Select Inputs (green circle).

Select USB Audio Source (yellow arrow). Select USB Channel 1 (red circle). Notice the source is stereo (green circle).

Change the source to mono (green arrow). You only need to do this for the first channel.

Select the center routing page (green). Choose Main Inputs (red) and Source Inputs (AES50A in this example – yellow).

Unlock the Main routing page (yellow). Use the +1 Auto (teal) to link sources to channels quickly.

Go to the ALT source page (green). Set the sources to USB audio (yellow) and link USB sources to ALT channel sources 1 to 1.

Go to Routing Output page (teal). Select USB audio (yellow) and choose the source- AES50A in this example (red). Link the sources to outputs.

On channel inputs you have a main source (AES50A) and ALT source (USB). You can switch between the two here (yellow circle).

If you switch the channels all to Input Source Select – Auto (green) you can change them all at the same time. Above is default (manual). Go ahead and switch all of the channels you are using to Auto.

On the Setup Page you can quickly switch inputs between Main or ALT all at once.

Now the routing is setup so your channel pre-amps are routed to both the inputs of the mixer as main channels, and the USB card output. When you record you will get unprocessed audio off of the preamps direct-out to the recording program you are using. All you have to do to change over to playback/mixdown/virtual soundcheck is switch the Source from MAIN to ALT, shown in the above picture.

Waves Tracks Live Setup

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Behringer Mixer-USB Interface Intro

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