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X32 Firmware Version 4.00

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***Please see Firmware Version 4.03 Article for up to date info***

Firmware Version 4.00 was a major version upgrade from 3.xx. It was released in November 2019 and made some significant changes to the console. It is encouraging to see Behringer continue with firmware updates, especially on such an old product. There was a major GUI re-design that makes everything easier to see and read and a major functionality upgrade that addresses what was probably the biggest complaint of X32 users: bank of eight routing.

See below for release notes from Behringer. I have bolded the ones I found most interesting/useful.

4.00 (2019-11-13):

new features:

  • point to point user routing, 4 input and 6 output banks (32 in / 48 out)
  • DP48/HUB4 remote configuration support
  • DP48 setup page with preset library
  • send pan optionally follows LR pan function
  • full backup export/restore function
  • new keyboard with channel name suggestions/history and keyboard layouts
  • X32Core/M32C: Export Show function
  • M32/M32R: V.1 Fader option (forces update of faderboards, requires reboot)
  • option for coloured RTA bars improvements:
  • new GUI design
  • updated channel icons
  • coloured fader tracks
  • error/warning popups can be closed using encoders
  • popup option to perform backup before firmware update
  • Channel
    • Config: Low Cut filter curve preview
    • Config/Sends: Dynamic signal flow display
    • EQ: hiding unsettable parameters
    • Utility: copied channel overview
  • Meters
    • channel color indicators
  • Routing
    • tabs re-organized and grouped by function
    • output patch overview tables with shortcut to assign output
    • next button also scolls destination list
    • iQ setup: improved lists behaviour
  • Library
    • scrolling using LOAD encoder offers suitable presets only
  • Effects
    • warning message when creating feedback loop (only when using hardware encoders)
    • Utility: FX rack re-organized by effect category
    • Utility: copied effect preview
    • going from effect to library selects active FX slot
  • Setup
    • Config: more default bus configurations (all pre/all post)
    • Name/Icon: more channel name suggestions
  • Monitor
    • Talkback: destination preview
    • Lamp setting moved to new tab in Monitor screens (when available)
  • Scenes
    • Cues: cue number 500.9.9 is possible now
    • Snippets/Safes: select header to select all elements in column
  • Mute Groups
    • buttons made more visible on screen

For instructions on how to update the firmware please see my article:

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