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X32 Firmware Version 4.04.1

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***Firmware Version 4.04.1 (11/27/2020) is the most current X32 Firmware and is a bug fix for sporadic communication issues with the Berhinger X-Touch Controller. Other than that it is the same as Firmware Version 4.04 shown below, so it is probably not an urgent update unless you use the X-Touch Controller***

Firmware Version 4.04 was a minor version upgrade from 4.03. It was released in November 2020 and is mostly minor improvements and bug fixes. The one feature update is DCA-Spill which is handy and familiar to users of the Yamaha CL series, and similar to Midas POP groups, which are both professional level mixers. With DCA-Spill, when you press and release a DCA’s select button the channels in the DCA will spill across the channel fader bank. This is as close to custom fader layers as the X32 gets and is helpful to quickly move through groups of inputs while mixing.

Basically, selecting a DCA places just the channels assigned to that DCA across the fader bank and it drops out all of the channels that are not assigned to that DCA. How is this helpful from a practical standpoint? Depending on how your channels are setup, DCA spill can help to navigate through inputs in an orginzed way.

Example 1 – Band with multiple musicians that also sing. From an organizational standpoint, while setting up inputs you may want to go left to right across the stage with the performer’s instrument and vocal mic on successive channels. You could then assign all vocals to a DCA and all instruments (or groups of like instruments ) to a different DCA. Using DCA spill you can pull up the vocals all at once even if the channels would normally be spread across multiple banks of faders.

Example 2 – All of the inputs are setup and one or more channels need to be added that you would normally place after other similar channels. For example if you have six inputs for drums and then go on to the other instruments and vocalist and then find out you need to add more inputs for the drums. Instead of reorganizing all of your channels, you could add the new channels to the end and assign them to the same DCA as the original drums. Then if you use the DCA Spill method of mixing when you select the Drum DCA all of your drum channels would now be grouped together across the fader bank.

See below for an example of Channels 1, 9, 17, and 25, which would normally be on four different banks of faders (on the X32 Compact.) The remaining channels are empty since only 4 channels were assigned to this DCA.

See below for the Firmware release notes from Behringer.

4.04 (2020-11-18)

New features:

  • DCA-Spill
    • Press SELECT on DCA to see associated channels (flashing SELECT on DCA)
    • Hold SELECT on DCA to change DCA assignment (flashing SELECT on channels)
    • Press DCA layer button to toggle between DCA-Spill pages
    • Change left fader layer or hold DCA layer button to disable DCA Spill
      (Active DCA-Spill is indicated by flashing DCA layer button)Improvements:
  • Improved interoperability with X-Touch
    • Gain/Trim issue on CH 1-8
    • Issue with send pan indication when using sendPanFollowsLR
  • Improved Copy/Pasting of dynamic settings for MTX/ST/M Bug fixes:
  • Prevent freeze when using Snippet-Utility
  • Fixed send pan LED-Ring indication when using sendPanFollowsLR
  • Hide folder names with non ASCII characters

Previous Version 4 updates:

Firmware 4.03 (2020-10-06):

Firmware Version 4.03 was a minor version upgrade from 4.02. It was released in October 2020 and is mostly minor improvements and bug fixes. I have included the firmware updates to previous version 4 firmware below so you can see all of the changes that have happened since version 4.00 was released. Firmware 4.01 and 4.00 especially had more significant improvements than the current version 4.03 or previous 4.02, so if you are upgrading from an earlier firmware you will want to check those updates out and they are included below. Most notable are a significant GUI update and fully customizable User Input and Output Routing Blocks. At the end of this article there is a link to an article showing how to update the firmware.

Firmware 4.03 has some minor fixes that will be appreciated even if they don’t break any ground. It is encouraging to see that Behringer is continuing to update the Firmware. Unlinked channel’s Pan returning to center is nice and should have been fixed a long time ago but late is better than never.

See below for release notes from Behringer. I have bolded the ones I found most interesting/useful.

New features:

  • variable scrolling speed for spectrograph
  • Library AES50
    • DP48 remote support for stereo link & talkback messages
    • improved transmission of DP48 messages through stageboxes and hubs


  • Channel
    • bring pan back to center when unlinking (if +-100)
  • X-Live-Card:
    • show warning when SD card is close to maximum capacity (10min / 1min remaining)
    • showing protected SD card state
  • better backup progress bar
  • showing naming prompt when exporting a scene to USB
  • better support when importing a CustomBootState as a scene
  • CustomBootState can now be auto-loaded without a confirm dialog (append _NoPopUp to the filename)
  • hold and scroll on snippets/safes
  • added name prompt when exporting to USB

Bug Fixes:

  • HA gain control not updating digital trim when using User-Banks
  • Fixed long Session-Name display
  • Fixed show import/export popup text redrawing
  • checking User-Blocks param safe and scene safe when loading an old scene

Firmware 4.02 (2020-01-21):

New features:

  • Welcome-Screen on first power up after an update (Select the Firmware header on Setup-Global page to display again)
  • CustomBootScene.scn can be loaded automatically at bootup and created in the Setup-Global page (also on X32Core/M32C)
  • CustomLock.bmp and CustomBoot.bmp support (see examples on
  • Routing-Input: cycle through the connected AES devices using the Up/Down arrows
  • X32Core/M32C: Console backup export and load Improvements:
  • M32/R : faderboard firmwares reviewed for better behaviour on both slow and fast speeds
  • showing insert/source details on effects screen
  • improved conversion of input clocks to user slots (Routing-User In-Utility-6th button)
  • pressing Select and Utility opens the Name/Icon screen
  • Xlive locator can be moved using the transport encoders
  • showing a dialog when trying to use the USB recorder when no USB drive is inserted
  • updating the TopLeft selected channel box when a popup is shown on screen
  • added header line to the console.bak file
  • X32Core/M32C: Error screen when an export fails Bug fixes:
  • Channel
    • preventing copied channel window to redraw when copying remotely
    • Config: changed INHP label to IN/LC
    • EQ: fixed crossover band type name display and coloured frames redraw
  • X-Live-Card:
    • redrawing utility header on session selection
    • changed the scrub function icon
    • disabling transport buttons when Mute Groups are open
    • better SD info redraw when popups are shown
  • Routing-Input: redrawing connected AES devices when they change
  • fixed snippet FX4R selection
  • fixed channel source display when Aux1 is set to AES50 33
  • fixed recorder text display on the top of the screen
  • fixed gain control offset-issue from X-Touch using User-Input
  • user assign section shows SD session/markers properly
  • reset User-Blocks when loading scene created with former parameter set

Firmware Version 4.01

Firmware Version 4.01 was a minor version upgrade from 4.00. It was released in December 2019 and is mostly minor improvements and bug fixes. They are the kind of improvements that will make things a little easier but will probably be forgotten. Being able to copy the Dual FX engines from A to B and B to A is a useful feature and will save time, but is the kind of feature that will leave you wondering why it took so long and wasn’t included from the beginning. This is one feature upgrade that may seem small but will be appreciated by everyone that has been using the console for all these years. This is the kind of thing that most of us were trying to figure out assuming it was there and frustrated to discover it was missing. If you haven’t used the console before try to imagine eq’ing a graphic eq on a monitor and wanting to copy that to the B channel. You would need to switch back and forth and recreate the eq on the B channel. I did this by switching to GEQ on faders mode and swapping between the A and B channels with the Layer Up and Layer Down buttons with my right hand while matching faders with the left hand.

See below for release notes from Behringer. I have bolded the ones I found most interesting/useful.

4.01 (2019-12-06):

New features:

  • fast faders option on M32/M32R
  • dual FX engines copy A->B and B->A
  • added additionnal FW integrity check after update (prevents soft bricking)
  • convert Input banks to user slots (in Routing-Input-Utility 6th encoder)
  • Show control buttons assignable to User assigns (NEXT, PREV, UNDO, and GO) Bug fixes:
  • Card
    • fixed Card In/Out pops and cracks
    • Xlive:
      • fixed freezing when stopping recording
      • correcting setting display on 1st screen
      • cant delete empty session anymore
      • confusing SD card status display fixed
    • Dante: preventing white noise when clock frequencies are mismatched
  • Routing
    • HA remote availability when forwarding connected HA (for ex, in Stagebox -> MonitorMixer -> FOH configuration)
    • corrected source display when AuxIn assigned to Local In
    • corrected routing screen names (for user assign-jump to page / osc screen polling)
    • input patch overview header changed
  • Effects
    • fixed LC curve/sends faders redrawing on FX screens
    • fixed utility FX rack jumping around when selecting actual FX engine
  • Library
    • importing files (presets/show/…) made prior to 2.1 works again
    • preset number 100 was shown as 10
  • Xtouch display corrected (DCA scribstrips update, user slot source display)
  • inverted “wedge L/R” icon to match scrible strip
  • Snippet-Utility better redraw
  • corrected gain reduction scales (chan Gate/Dyn, meters)
  • TB destination Bus 10 was showing “Bus1” Improvements:
  • Channel
    • confirmation dialog when pasting/loading HA config with +48V activated
    • improved Bus-Config send configuration list
  • Card
    • Xlive session name shown again
    • Dante help text now mentions “Enable Sync to external” setting
  • Setup
    • better Name suggestion / Icon scrolling interaction
    • updating Name/Icon screen on remote changes
    • factory reset sets TB to external
  • Routing
    • Output destination and tap are not set at the same time anymore
  • Library
    • FX library tables reviewed
    • added default monitor presets to factory reset
  • Monitor
    • changed oscillator destination order to previous one
  • Keyboard
    • keyboard wraps fully (not just line to line)
    • new folder name can now have numbers, dash and underscore (no other symbol allowed)
    • reduced flickering on symbols page
    • reseting Name/Note button on scene save
  • OSC protocol
    • “-action/setposition 0” is possible

X32 Firmware Version 4.00

Firmware Version 4.00 was a major version upgrade from 3.xx. It was released in November 2019 and made some significant changes to the console. It is encouraging to see Behringer continue with firmware updates, especially on such an old product. There was a major GUI re-design that makes everything easier to see and read and a major functionality upgrade that addresses what was probably the biggest complaint of X32 users: bank of eight routing.

See below for release notes from Behringer. I have bolded the ones I found most interesting/useful.

4.00 (2019-11-13):

new features:

  • point to point user routing, 4 input and 6 output banks (32 in / 48 out)
  • DP48/HUB4 remote configuration support
  • DP48 setup page with preset library
  • send pan optionally follows LR pan function
  • full backup export/restore function
  • new keyboard with channel name suggestions/history and keyboard layouts
  • X32Core/M32C: Export Show function
  • M32/M32R: V.1 Fader option (forces update of faderboards, requires reboot)
  • option for coloured RTA bars improvements:
  • new GUI design
  • updated channel icons
  • coloured fader tracks
  • error/warning popups can be closed using encoders
  • popup option to perform backup before firmware update
  • Channel
    • Config: Low Cut filter curve preview
    • Config/Sends: Dynamic signal flow display
    • EQ: hiding unsettable parameters
    • Utility: copied channel overview
  • Meters
    • channel color indicators
  • Routing
    • tabs re-organized and grouped by function
    • output patch overview tables with shortcut to assign output
    • next button also scolls destination list
    • iQ setup: improved lists behaviour
  • Library
    • scrolling using LOAD encoder offers suitable presets only
  • Effects
    • warning message when creating feedback loop (only when using hardware encoders)
    • Utility: FX rack re-organized by effect category
    • Utility: copied effect preview
    • going from effect to library selects active FX slot
  • Setup
    • Config: more default bus configurations (all pre/all post)
    • Name/Icon: more channel name suggestions
  • Monitor
    • Talkback: destination preview
    • Lamp setting moved to new tab in Monitor screens (when available)
  • Scenes
    • Cues: cue number 500.9.9 is possible now
    • Snippets/Safes: select header to select all elements in column
  • Mute Groups
    • buttons made more visible on screen

How to Update X32 Firmware

For instructions on how to update the firmware please see our article:

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