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X32: How to Update Firmware

To upgrade the firmware on the X32 follow these steps:

  1. Go to Behringer’s X32 Download site at:|en)
  2. Scroll Down to X32 Firmware and Download it.
click here to download firmware

3. Agree to the Licensing Agreement and Hit Download

4. Unzip Download and you will have the Firmware File and Release Notes

5. Load the Firmware File on a USB Flash Drive and then insert the flash drive in the X32 USB port.

6. Select Setup Button. On Global Tab on the far left side scroll down to update Firmware and select it. (Shown Below)

7. Select the firmware file you are loading.

8. Confirm Firmware Update and Reboot. The console will go through the following screens as it updates.

9. Console will reboot into New Firmware with Welcome Screen

Read about the changes the come with firmware version 4.00:

X32 Firmware Version 4.00

What features are you most looking forward to? Are there any features you would like to read about?

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2 thoughts on “X32: How to Update Firmware”

    1. It is recommended and always good policy to backup settings before updating firmware. I have always done that with the X32’s, but I have never lost any info.

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